HWH Corporation
(On I-80, Exit 267 South)
2096 Moscow Road
Moscow, Iowa 52760

Phone: (563)724-3396 or (800)321-3494
Fax: (563)724-3408

Business Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Central Time (M-F)

The World's Largest Manufacturer
of RV Leveling & Room Extension Systems
Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles Operator Manuals

System Diagrams

ML43473 - Hydraulic Room Lift System featuring hydraulic switch & aux hand pump, universal vertical room lift & 115v pump motor

ML46164 - 2000 Series Hydraulic leveling - Four Double-Acting jacks, Two Jack Remote Manifiold, Auxiliary Hand Pump, One Universal Straight Out Room Extension

MP359973 - Abridged Operating Instructions - Manual jack operation with Toggle Switch, Straight-Acting, Power/Extend/Power-Retract jacks

MP643993 - Hydraulic line connection diagram for Precision Leveling System with Straight-Acting, Power/Extend/Power-Retract jacks

ML47805 - 2000 Series Precision Hydraulic Leveling System for trailers - Four Straight-Acting, Power/Extend/Power-Retract jacks